Ceraelite is a shower head that offers you a choice of mist, normal or massage shower experiences Saiseiko ceramic balls are used in our shower products to activate and purify the water you use on your body The ultimate solution for providing you and your family with access to filtered, activated water The ultimate solution for providing you and your family with access to filtered, activated water The natural minerals in our ceramic balls neutralise the harmful effects of chlorine in the water
We are the Marketing Division for Saiseiko products.
EcoAeon supplies a unique range of water related products through their global distribution network. These products are designed and manufactured by Saiseiko, a Japanese company focused on energy efficiency and the long term health benefits for users.

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EcoAeon is the Marketing Division of Saiseiko…


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The technology that Saiseiko build into every product is…


The Power of Water

Saiseiko have built on the work of revolutionary scientist Viktor Schauberger. Viktor discovered that…


ORIGINAL SAISEIKO TECHNOLOGY Our innovated farming technology promotes the growth of pigs and improves the meat qualities, it is intended to provide a hog farming method where the bad odor of pig excreta can be neutralized to achieve high raising efficiency and give excellent meat qualities. Our farming method comprises raising hogs in a hog housing provided with a water activation facility where water is supplied through a pipe that consists of ceramic balls and a triple vortex chamber capable of activating water and feeding the hogs with our feed additives made by all natural minerals. Moreover, our grinded ceramic Read More…

SEM Water and Ceramic Feed Pig Trial USA

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