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  • Alive Activated Water

    Alive Activated Water

    a true bathing experience
  • AVS Triple Vortex

    AVS Triple Vortex

    nature inspired solutions
  • Plant Agriculture

    Plant Agriculture

    Water Efficient Solutions: using less water for greater yields
  • Environment


    Healthy environments for Home, Commercial and Industrial
  • Health and Harmony

    Health and Harmony

    For the whole house from EcoAeon UK
  • Living Water

    Living Water

    is Living Life, All Life
  • EcoAeon UK

    EcoAeon UK

    Pristine Water for Youthing and Longevity
  • Super Energised Minerals

    Super Energised Minerals

    Vortex and Ceramic Solutions
  • Animal Agriculture

    Animal Agriculture

    Healthy Environment producing Healthy Animals

EcoAeon Sustainable Water Solutions

Water at Its Best - Safer, Healthier Water

EcoAeon manufactures and supplies a unique range of water optimization products, including whole home water filters, that drastically enhance the quality of your water, restoring it to pure, invigorated water—the way nature intended. Our products all effectively work to improve the quality and health benefits of water we use in our daily lives for both consumer and commercial markets. Imagine if your water was invigorated, the way it was prior to environmental stressors and toxins.

Imagine activated, ionized water…

That, rather than acting as an added stressor, actually energized your body, skin and hair, saved energy and money, and in the end, benefited the environment. EcoAeon focuses on water revitalization by activating your tap water. Clean, ionized water can noticeably improve your family’s health and the environment, reduce the negative effects of chlorine and their by-products toxicity, increase the shelf life of your produce, and improve the nutritional value when cooking. Furthermore, water that has been neutralized is far better for household plants, gardening, and agriculture.


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