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  • Alive Activated Water

    Alive Activated Water

    a true bathing experience
  • AVS Triple Vortex

    AVS Triple Vortex

    nature inspired solutions
  • Plant Agriculture

    Plant Agriculture

    Water Efficient Solutions: using less water for greater yields
  • Environment


    Healthy environments for Home, Commercial and Industrial
  • Health and Harmony

    Health and Harmony

    For the whole house from EcoAeon UK
  • Living Water

    Living Water

    is Living Life, All Life
  • EcoAeon UK

    EcoAeon UK

    Pristine Water for Youthing and Longevity
  • Super Energised Minerals

    Super Energised Minerals

    Vortex and Ceramic Solutions
  • Animal Agriculture

    Animal Agriculture

    Healthy Environment producing Healthy Animals

Safer Water

The true foundation of all culture is the knowledge and understanding of water - Viktor Schauberger

A sister company to EcoAeon, EcoAeon USA is part manufacturer and part distributor of water products.

EcoAeon USA's largest supplier is Saiseiko, who for over 20 years has developed a range of products incorporating advanced ceramic mineral technology and combined them with the principles of vortex generation to enhance the quality of water.

Saiseiko's practices are long inspired by inventor and scientist Viktor Schauberger, who focuses on natural restoration and rejuvenation of water through nature's preferred form of implosion. A visionary ahead of his time, Viktor noted that 20th century technology moves everything the wrong way – exploding, heating, pressuring. His own inventions used nature's gentler approach—imploding, quiet cooling, and inward-spiraling suction motions, resulting instead in rejuvenation rather than destruction.

Saiseiko's experience in research, development, manufacturing and marketing has led to superior quality commercial and residential products. Through a continuous quest for innovation and improvement, they have proven time and again that their products enhance the quality of life by providing eco-friendly, energy-saving products.

Enhancing wellbeing through the application of advanced ecological water revitalizing technologies.

EcoAeon USA works closely with Saiseiko to ensure you're provided the highest quality water products to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, there are no parts to replace apart from any of the optional filter systems.


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